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Sunday Services
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Tuesday Bible Study
7:00 pm
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Wednesday Bible Study
12:00 noon                7:30 pm

worked with many ministries that include; Bible School teacher; Evangelism Director; Song Director; campus ministry at the University of Maryland, and singing with the Outreach Singers. Brother Goodman has been involved in church-planting ministries, helping churches along the East Coast. He also served as interim minister at the Central Church of Christ, in preparation for an upcoming mission work. In the summer of 1987, a two-week crusade took place in Annapolis, Maryland. As a result of this effort, the Capital Church of Christ was established with twenty-six members.

Under Brother Goodman's leadership the church purchased several buses, three acres of land, and renovated an adjoining school building that was previously used for disabled children. His continued effort to spread the gospel throughout Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, through evangelism and discipleship, has brought about an increase in church membership. In April of 2000, a 350-seat auditorium was added. The church currently operates 23 ministries, and is self-supported by Christians committed to doing God's will. Since the inception of the congregation, over 500 souls have been baptized into Christ. Church events such as gospel meetings, evangelistic campaigns, seminars, ladies programs, youth rallies, fellowship days and a variety of other activities are used to spread the word in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County.

In keeping his commitment to the Great Commission, Brother Goodman has preached the gospel on radio and written a variety of sermon/workshop booklets. In addition to his local work, Brother Goodman conducts speaking engagements ranging from gospel/revival meetings, evangelism workshops/seminars, anniversaries, youth rallies, men's retreats and yearly lectureships including Northeast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and a few Nationals.

Prior to entering the ministry, Brother Goodman pursued an education at the Community College of Baltimore and R.E.T.S. School of Electronics. He has been trained in Computer Electronics, Mechanical drawing and Electrical House-wiring. Through his energetic and entrepreneurial background he started his own interior design business (painting/wall-papering) and home improvement which led him presently to be involved in real estate investing.

He is happily married to Trisha and a proud father of seven children (Derek, Darius, David, Keyonta, Darren, Gabrielle, Michael) and three grandchild. His leisure interests include reading, listening to jazz, traveling and playing golf; however his greatest joy is spending quality time with his family.

What We Believe
Douglas Anthony Goodman was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.  In 1965 he obeyed the gospel and was baptized by Brother Humphrey Foutz of the Central Church of Christ (which was then the Pitcher Street Church of Christ).
Brother Goodman takes great pride in being a home-grown preacher raised under the tutelage of Brother Humphrey Foutz, who ministered to one of the largest African-American congregations within the Churches of Christ.  As a result of his dedication, Brother Goodman has