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What We Believe
     Rodney Terrance Lister was born in Mount Vernon, New York on May 18, 1974.  While in high school he relocated with his parents to Crofton, Maryland and has resided in Maryland ever since.  He was baptized into the Lord's Church in April 2001 at the Capital Church of Christ in Annapolis, MD under the preaching and teaching of Brother Douglas Goodman.  He considers himself superbly blessed and very fortunate to be given the opportunity to be discipled by Bro. Goodman and to be mentored to preach the gospel of Christ.  He considers Bro. Goodman to be an inspiration and role model in the ministry and enjoys listening and learning from his vast experience.

     Brother Lister has also achieved recognition and accomplishments in his secular and professional career.  He has been involved in clinical trial marketing since 1997 and has held various management positions in the healthcare/pharmaceutical arena, working for such companies as Kaiser Permanente,
Pharmaceutical Research Plus, and is also a former Director of Telecommunications for a clinical trial marketing firm in Severna Park, Maryland.  Currently, he is a site manager for a local clinical trial marketing and consulting company.

     Brother Lister received his B.S. degree in Biblical Studies Summa Cum Laude from Southern Christian University in 2006.  He has made plans to continue to pursue his post-graduate studies and devote himself to life-long learning.  He enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Tasha Lister who he married in 2012 and is involved in the following ministries and committees at Capital:  Evangelism, Youth, Care, Education and Finance.  He teaches Bible class for grades 9 -12.  He also volunteers and teaches Bible lessons at various nursing/convalescent homes in the Annapolis area with the care ministry and is the assistant coordinator of the Education ministry.

     While Brother Lister came to the Lord's church a little later in life than some others, he can identify with the words of the Apostle Paul who said, "I thank God for counting me faithful and putting me into the ministry."

Email Address:  rtlister@msn.com
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