Activity:  We strive to unify the body through Christian fellowship by providing entertaining and educational activities.

Building and Grounds:  We have committed ourselves to the upkeep and maintainence of church property.

Care:  We have committed ourselves to lifting the hearts and easing burdened sould by showing love and concern, by maintaining a strong relationship with members of the congregation and the surrounding commuities.  This is accomplished through visits, Bible studies, sending cards and flowers, and by making
telephone calls.

Children's Choir:  Our goal is to let children, ages 5 - 12 know that they can be a part of God's work by singing praises to God.

Education:  We believe that adults and children can only become and remain Christians by following God's Word.  The purpose of our religious education program is to enlighten both adults and children about the Bible, encouraging all to follow what God has outlined in His word.

Evangelism:  Each year, we reach the lost for Christ using the philosophy, "each one winning one".  Through evangelistic training our goals are for each Christian to develop good people skills that will be used to bring more people to the church.  We strive to broaden our geographical territory, set up studies, and follow up on contacts received as a result of our door-knocking activities.

Health:  We provide both physical and spiritual nurturing of the body and sould for Jesus Christ.

Hospitality:  We promote love and unity as we serve our brothers, sisters and honored guests with a smile.  Our goal is to make everyone feel special and satisfied while fellowshipping with children of God.

Listening Ear:  Our goal is to spread the Gospel message by offering pulpit lessons to all who will receive.  Each service and special event is recorded and made available to all for inspiration, uplifting, and encouragement.

Marriage Enrichment:  We strive to share the joy and enrichment of a Christian marriage.  We encourage couples to submi to what God expects.  We reach out to members who are married, members who are married to non-members, members who are engaged to be married, and non-members who are married.

Singles:  Finding joy and contentment by reaching out to members and other local congregations and communities to uplift and encourage singles in Christian fellowship.  We aim to increase relationships througout Church of Christ congregations and to give spiritual and emotional support to those that are single.

Transportation:  Our goal is provide on-time transporation for Bible Studies, worship services, evangelism outreach, and special activities for those in need of transportation.

Women:  We seek to become women who will allow God to change our hearts through the study of His Word and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that we can become more like Christ.  Our goal is to unite, encourage, and enrich Christian women through spiritual programs.

Youth:  Our goal is to encourage the youth to be involved in the church.  We chaperone the youth to different Christian events such as youth rallies with other congregations, as well as prepare lessons on topics concerning the Christian youth lifestyle in order to help the youth develop good Christian values.

1790 Lincoln Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401
(443) 458-5617
What We Believe
Sunday Services
10:00 am     Sunday School
11:00 am     Morning Worship
 6:00 pm      Evening Worship

Tuesday Bible Study
7:00 pm
1st & 3rd         Sister's Class
2nd & 4th        Brother's Class

Wednesday Bible Study
12:00 noon                7:30 pm

We Offer Bible Studies        
(One on one or group studies available)
1 Introductory Class
Personal Study Lessons
(Visual Aids Chart)

5 Video Classes
8 Correspondence Courses
(Certificate upon completion)